Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crazy Mad Skillz I Didn't Even Know I Had

          The local newspaper is a constant source of wonderment to me. Consider this quote from a recent article in the Fluff section on tools to keep your wardrobe looking spiffy: "Nothing ruins a put-together look more than wrinkled clothing, but ironing takes a certain amount of skill."
          I snorted coffee right out my nose upon reading those words, thereby ruining my put-together morning look.
          Lordy, how the bar has been lowered if ironing is a skill that may only be mastered, as the article implies, by advanced study with ironing Jedi masters and possibly a pilgrimage to the Dalai Laundry.
          I suppose the Life Coaches for ironing are even now printing up business cards. But truly, ironing is simple. If you can smooth out a ball of crumpled paper, and you are blessed with at least one opposable thumb, ironing is not beyond your abilities. Not even if you posses a Y chromosome.

©Nancy E. Banks

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