Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good Sir Knight, What's With The Extra Hands?

          Since my previous post could easily have been titled "Odd Things I've Seen in Paris," I will continue the theme and mention a sarcophagus sculpture that quite startled me one day in the Louvre as I was hurrying by, intent on something else entirely.

Just a knight, taking an eternal nap. Notice anything…extra?
©Nancy E. Banks

          Did you spot it (them)? Here's a detail:

Exactly—an extra pair of hands. What is the story there?
©Nancy E. Banks
          There's nobody hiding behind him, poking their hands out in a creepy jokey way:

©Nancy E. Banks
          I was so intrigued-slash-disturbed that I took these photos and marched them straight to the Information desk, where I handed my camera to the helpful person there and said: "Look at this! Why does he have extra hands?"
          I think at the Information desk they mostly get asked which way is the Mona Lisa or the bathrooms, because the woman I spoke to got quite excited, and looked Good Sir Knight Way Too Many Hands up in the official database to see if there was any commentary. There was none (apparently an extra pair of hands on a knight here and there does not excite the interest of the curators, jaded creatures that they are). She scrutinized the official photo, then had another look at my photos, then called a colleague over for a consult.
          In the end, we determined that the extra set of hands is really a pair of gloves (if you look closely, you can see engravings on the fingers that mimic the look of articulated metal scales).
          I was pleased to have an answer to my question, but I have to say that the gloves still look disturbingly alive to me. In fact, they bear more than a passing resemblance to Thing, of The Addams Family fame. I suspect they are his ancestors.

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  1. Gloves, maybe, but I like your Addams Family explanation better.