Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best Car in the Parking Lot

          The other day—a grim and grey one, I ran my usual colorless errands—grocery store, post office, bank—trying not to dwell too much on the entire lack of color the day was shaping up to. Until, that is, I returned to my car, errands done, and noticed I was parked right next to The Most Colorful Car in Kansas City.

This is what caught my eye first. This is a hood ornament to envy.
The hood is no slouch either.
You can just barely see the deer head roof ornament in the upper right.
(Click to make the photo bigger.)

I'm smitten.

I'd follow this car anywhere.

"Sweet" indeed!

          To make my day even more happily full of random color and customization, I noticed that the car parked next to it had had some body work done, à la Frankenstein, with zip ties.

I think it adds a devil-may-care insouciance to the bumper.

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