Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow Day

          You may have seen on the news the other day that we got a lot of snow here in the middle of the country Wednesday and Thursday. The dogs and I were out for our usual walk as the storm started, and I got some very pretty photos of our local park in the midst of the storm.

Visibility decreased so rapidly that we cut our walk short.

All the geese had coats of snow on their backs. So did the dogs and I.

A good snowstorm really shows off the structure of trees.

Holes in a manhole cover provide the only contrast in a grey-white world.


  1. Beautiful! Even in the midst of a storm there can beauty. Sounds like more is coming your way... Stay safe!

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures! Can you believe it's going to snow more today? Kansas is going to be white for a long while.