Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bees' Knees!

          My favorite part of the beekeeping business (besides having K do the actual manipulation in the hives) is watching the bees come back to the hive loaded down with pollen.

          Yes, mine is a simple life, and yes, the possibility exists that I don't get out enough.

          Nevertheless, it pleases me immensely to contemplate the hive when it's busy, so at the risk of showing you far more photos of bees than you ever wanted to see, here are a couple:

Bees at the entrance of the hive. They appear to be discussing the weather. Not sure whether
the upside-down one is showing off or whether the sugar water Dad and K are feeding
has started to ferment.

My favorite part. See the bright orange bulges on their back legs? That's pollen,
boys and girls! Success!

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