Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dragons I Have Known

          Last year, I wrote a post about Dragons I Have Met in my Travels. Exotic Asian dragons. Sophisticated Euro dragons. I love meeting dragons abroad, and I have always felt a bit bereft that there were no dragons in the New World that I was aware of. Dragons are one of those things that, like a really excellent art museum and a great library and a major sports franchise and at least one complicated political scandal, every city of any note should possess. Nothing says "We are an important population center" quite like a dragon or two.

It pained me that my country is dragon-free. It made me feel a bit defensive about New World culture. And then the other day while K and I were in downtown Denver, we saw a whole host of dragons, of which this little guy is a fair example:

If you want to see him, he is at approximately 1418 Wazee St., Denver, latitude 39.7499,
longitude -105.0017. (Yes, I have a GPS app that I've been dying to show off.)

          I am much relieved to know that K and I moved to a city that is also home to dragons. I feel more cosmopolitan already.

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