Saturday, January 14, 2012

Make It Art!

         We were in the pretty little town of Sognefjorden, Norway last summer to see fjords and do some hiking, and we came upon this installation as we were walking around town:

Instant landscape!

          A helpful plaque explained that it was part of a project to encourage viewers to make their own art by using it the frame to frame a scene, or to compose a scene within the frame.
          K obliged, with a kind of Old Man and the Sea vibe:

Is it art? It is indeed!
          Here's a challenge: take a piece of cardboard. Cut a 3" x 5" or a 4" x 5" square out of the middle, so that you have a window in the middle of your cardboard. Venture forth with your cardboard frame and your camera. Look through the cardboard and frame scenes. Use your camera to photograph the ones you like. You can show the cardboard frame if you want. Voilà: art!
          Then post a comment here to tell me that you've made art, and I'll contact you to arrange posting of your art here! Live! On this blog! (with your permission, of course) for all the world to see on February 1.
          (The small print: please, no images that violate any law or could be considered to violate any law. No images that are not created by the person submitting them. No nudity, pornography, or gore. Thank you.)

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