Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Farm and Garden Report…

          …because I know that you live for updates on my veg.

Swiss chard

          The Swiss chard we planted last summer laughed at our mild winter and has continued to give us chard for almost a year.*

Cucumbers! Early!

          I'm practically dancing with delight over the fact that we have cukes in the offing easily a month before they traditionally appear in our garden. Cucumbers are the vegetable that I look forward to most every summer—even more than I look forward to vine-ripened tomatoes, which I look forward to like a kid looks forward to Christmas.
          The tomatoes are also blooming a month earlier than normal—and before they've grown to a height of six or seven feet. I'm starting to fantasize about not having to prune them—and about getting fruit before September.
          It is going to be a good summer.

*A confession: chard is not my fave green. I much prefer spinach. Which does poorly here. Chard you can't kill even if you try, and if you plant "Bright Lights" chard, you get red, yellow, orange, and white stems and it's insanely pretty in the garden. So I plant it, and I eat it, and darn it, I enjoy it.

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