Saturday, September 15, 2012


          K and I were in New York last weekend. We spent Friday morning in Lower Manhattan, near the old fish market on the East River. I took some artsy photos of nautical textures and designs, and also an ersatz celebrity art sighting:

Christo wraps the Brooklyn Bridge.
Well, not really; it was actually being repaired.
But the Christo version makes a better story.
©Nancy E. Banks

Another view of the Brooklyn Bridge, with anchor lines from a docked ship
adding a nice design element.
©Nancy E. Banks

Ship's rigging makes a pleasing design against the sky.
©Nancy E. Banks

I loved the pattern this rope flung over the ship's side made.
The rope's braid pattern is also yummy.
©Nancy E. Banks

Detail of the side of the ship. I like the way the rigor and right angles of the
rectangular shapes contrast with the ovals and the angles of the lines,
as well as the random organic shapes of the rust blossoms and streaks.
©Nancy E. Banks

A carving of a very pretty ship, on a building
whose name I neglected to remember, near the piers.
©Nancy E. Banks

Another carving on the building. I love the
intricate intertwining of anchor, chain, and seahorses.
©Nancy E. Banks

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