Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Voting Matters

          I have a special fondness in my heart for Election-Day pollworkers. The first election I voted in, a couple of months after I turned 18, took place in the civic auditorium in my hometown. When I walked up to the table to get my ballot, the mother of one of my schoolmates was the one who double-checked my name in the register and gave me my ballot. Her face lit up when she saw me, and I felt, in that moment, like she was welcoming me to adulthood. It's the feeling I carry with me every election day—that I'm doing something adult and responsible and important, and that Laura Rice's mom would be proud of me.
          However, ever since we've started handing out the "I voted" stickers to those who have cast their ballots, I've been wondering—could it please be a sticker that makes us (or me, at least) feel more like the voting superheroes we are and less like the victims of a hit-and-run clipart bandit?
          Something designed by, you know, artist types—like this:

Superman would wear this without shame.
©Nancy E. Banks
         Rather than this effort designed by someone who I am sure is quite good at math or chemistry or plumbing or any of many other fine, respectable professions, but who has not been smiled upon by the design gods. I say voting Americans deserve a better typeface than Times New Roman!

Holy clipart, Batman!
           Our local paper also saw the need for better "I Voted" stickers, and so they ran a contest, open to anyone under the age of 18, to design a better sticker. The results ran in this morning's paper, and I would be pleased and proud to wear any of them. (Click on this link for the story.)
          These are the newspaper's top three choices:

Jessica Whitmore, 8th grade
Bernard Campbell Middle School. Lee's Summit, MO

Daniel Crossett, 2nd grade
St. James School, Liberty, MO

Shannon Brouk, 11th grade
Park Hill South High School, Riverside, MO

          In addition, here are a few more from the runner-ups that I'd wear in a heartbeat:

Emily McBride, 7th grade
South Valley Middle School, Liberty, MO

Maleah Ahuja, 8th grade
Bernard Campbell Middle School, Lee's Summit, MO

Mikayla Collins, 8th grade,
Lee's Summit, MO

Aislynn Hobbs, 5th grade
Thomas Hart Benton Elementary, Independence, MO

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