Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Quiet Walk

          In my last post, I mentioned that K and I visited the George C. Yount Pioneer cemetery in Yountville, California and found some dedicated bees. We also found some lovely and interesting markers.

A dove for Rachel J.

No wine country cemetery would be complete without a wine cherub,
grapes and glass in hand. That's a vineyard behind him, of course.

Are the hands clasped in reunion, or unclasping as Annie Laurie slips away home?

The pointing hand tells us that Mahala Grigsby went to heaven. I wonder if any cemetery
boasts a hand proclaiming that one of its residents went to the Other Place.

There was a lot of typographic exuberance on the headstones in this cemetery.
More typographic exuberance. I think the stone carver liked type as much as I do.

My heart aches for Susan. I can't imagine any story for her that doesn't bear a heavy weight of woe.

The Jewish tradition of visitors leaving a pebble on the grave is sweetly interpreted here,
on the curb of a family plot.

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