Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Regularly Scheduled Program Will Return When the Blankety-Blank House is Clean.

          I'm in the middle of spring cleaning. At this point, I don't remember when I started, but it seems very long ago. I also can't yet see the end, although I tell myself that there will be one. Sometime. In the meantime, there is far too much vacuuming.

          The only thoughts in my head are these:

               •My feet hurt.
               •My back hurts.
               •What day is today?
               •Why is there so much vacuuming in this world of woe?  

          You don't want to hear me whinge about spring cleaning. I am incapable of being entertaining on the matter right now, so I am going to show you a pretty picture instead, taken several years ago in Bruges, of picturesque buildings admiring their reflections in a canal. If you've been paying attention to my fascination with forestry practices, you will also notice pollarding in the photo. Pat yourself on the back, for pollarding is keen, and makes a lovely image when reflected in a canal in Bruges.

©Nancy E. Banks

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