Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Made From Cool—And Yarn

          What is it about guys knitting that makes me go all weak-kneed?

MADE FROM COOL - Knit with it - from PREMIUM by JACK & JONES from Fashion Films - Moda Filmleri on Vimeo.

          To be honest, Christopher Walken has always creeped me out a little. He plays the Seriously Depraved with a little too much joy. A little too much This Is Totally Who I'd Be If I Weren't a Famous Actor Who Plays Bent Characters.

          And yet…let him knit a Fair Isle sweater (stranding with both hands, I notice—the sign of an experienced colorwork knitter) and I get a little swoony. I fully believe this is Wrong and Bad and Twisted on my part, but—now that I know Christopher Walken can do two-handed stranded colorwork, his hotness increases dramatically in my eyes. I start to make allowances for the creep factor. I think to myself, you know, if more scary people knitted in public, knitters would get a lot more respect.

          This gives me ideas (à la Madame Defarge) you don't even want to hear about. But if you should happen to see a knitter, on the bus or someplace, knitting something black and spiky, with far too many arms, and poking annoying children and obnoxious adults with those sharp needles and smiling at the ensuing screams—well, that will be me.

          I believe Christopher will be proud.

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