Saturday, March 15, 2014

Turns Out It Would Have Been Easier Just to Write Something

          I have been slaving in the art mines this week, working on the illustration for a logo. It is a long process, and all I've been thinking about are coffee and books (the subjects of the illo). I had zero ideas for a blog post, but I did have a bunch of cute little sketches of coffee cups that weren't right for the logo.

          Aha! I thought. I'll just take a page from Andy Warhol's book, and make a poster of a bunch of coffee cups in different color combinations. Add a little type. Easy schmeasy. Take me maybe an hour or two.

          I failed to remember the Basic Rule of Art, which is this: Art is long; life is short.

          I comped up the poster I'd envisioned, and it was good. But it needed type. And when I found the words I wanted to typeset*, they needed fewer already-finished coffee cup illustrations and more illustrations of books and happiness. Which did not yet exist.

          A word to the wise: quick-and-dirty illustrations of coffee cups turn out very well when you use the Zen Brush app on your iPhone. Happiness illustrations are similarly successful. However, it is a time-consuming challenge to draw a book, with your finger, on your touch-screen, that actually resembles a book. And of course, you must do it this way because you want the illustration style of the book to go with the style of the coffee cups and the happiness.**

         Anyway, the blankety-blank poster that was supposed to be quick and easy and turned out to be neither is finished. I quite like it.

*Which was not, by the way, the work of a few minutes.
**Before you ask, Zen Brush doesn't make an app for desktop use. I looked.

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