Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why We Really Have Public Art

Charlemagne and his men. With pigeons.

         I'm a big fan of public art. Don't care if it's awful or mediocre or even outrageously moustached like the example above. Because if it weren't for sculptures in public places, we would all be coated in pigeons, as Charlemagne and his men above were until I approached to take the photo and scared 90 percent of the birds away. Les pigeons, they love perching on things, and I much prefer them perching on things that are not me.

          If there is no art around to perch on, pigeons will happily turn to the next option:

If you stand too still in a sculpture-free public square, pigeons will land on you.

          I actually like pigeons quite a bit. I just feel that being used as a perch is not in keeping with my personal dignity. Not to mention their little pigeon toes can be quite sharp.

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