Saturday, October 27, 2012

Because It's That Time of Year

          I've been waiting months—months—to post these photos, taken in Paris early this spring.
          I've noted before that the Père Lachaise cemetery is a rationalist cemetery, not much given to chills and creepiness. However, even Père Lachaise can rise to the occasion, delighting those of us with a macabre turn of mind:

Cheerful devil, isn't he?
(Monument to Victor Schoelcher and his father, Marc Schoelcher)

Kind of like putti…only creepy.
Monument to Etienne-Gaspard Robertson
Best bat in Paris, wings down.
I neglected to record the family name on this tomb.
          And finally, the photo I've been trying to get ever since I read about it in 2000 or so, but it was always being cleaned or restored or dusted or somethinged when I visited the Louvre to see it:

          This is the excellently keen alabaster statue of Death that used to live in the Innocents cemetery in Paris. The cemetery, a pestilential curse of the first order, is no longer there. Its inhabitants were removed and it was paved over to make a thoroughly dismal plaza that I hate to visit, although removing the residents and paving it did solve the stench problem.
          Happy Hauntings.

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