Saturday, October 20, 2012

The ABC of Loose Park

Click on the image to make it bigger so you can see the letters better.
©Nancy E. Banks

          Three mortal years ago, I saw a wonderful post on The Panopticon. Franklin Habit, whose blog The Panopticon is (and whom you really should follow, as he is an excellent essayist, and an all-round treat to read), had just been to London, and he had photographed typeforms in London and Windsor. Go look at them now. I'll wait.

          It was worth the detour, wasn't it?
          That post inspired me to do my own little typeform photography project, in one of the jewels of Kansas City, the Jacob L. Loose Memorial Park. I decided not to photograph any actual typeforms, but instead look for letterforms hidden in plain sight—an "A" in the vest and coat of the statue of Jacob L. Loose, a "J" in the curve of a sidewalk, and so on. Every letterform is photographed exactly the way I found it; I didn't reposition sticks or leaves or pine needles to make them read better.
          It took me two months to find and photograph all the letters of the alphabet in the park. The easiest letter to find was "O." They are everywhere. "K"—not so much. I'm still looking for a better "K."
          I had intended, when I conceived the project, to make a poster of the full A-Z, just to put a "Finished" stamp on the project. Unfortunately, projects undertaken here at Short Attention Span Central tend to…languish, unfinished, because there is just so much pretty shiny distraction in the world. And who am I to ignore it?
          The good thing about being so distractable that a sparkly piece of tinfoil can hijack my entire To-Do List, not to mention half my day, is that eventually I will be distracted by a project I've started and left languishing. And in the fullness of time, as they say, it will get completed. As the Loose Park ABC project finally did. I hope you like it.

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