Saturday, October 13, 2012


Never let be said that I am afraid to smash colors right up next to each other.
          Every so often, I piece a quilt. There are always scraps left over, which I can't quite bear to throw away. A couple of years ago, when the leftover scraps were starting to take over the spare bedroom, I decided to turn them into a quilt. I didn't use a pattern; I didn't try to match colors; I just sewed scraps together, higgledy-piggledy, then sewed those bits to other scraps, and so on until, finally, higgledy-piggledy, I had a quilt.
          I thought parts of it were strikingly pretty and well-designed. I thought parts of it were Absolute Design Fail. And ugly. I wondered what angel of bad taste had compelled me to buy some of those hideous fabrics.
          Didn't matter. I didn't edit, I just put everything together, quilted it, and threw it on the spare bed.
          It is my favorite quilt ever. It makes me happy every time I walk by the spare bedroom. I love the clash of colors. I love the random ugly bits, which, surrounded by nicer bits, have somehow become interesting instead of awful. I love how it is bursting with color and movement. I love how it looks like life itself.
          When I was quilting it, Casey slept on it. Now that it is on the bed, she still sleeps on it. She thinks I made it expressly for her. She believes she is the luckiest dog in the world. She may be right.

Casey and her quilt.

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  1. one look at the quilt and i'm ready to rassle casey for her bed cover!!!!!!!!!